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Fura G Espresso services are pleased to announce we have teamed up with York Coffee Systems to provide a Jura coffee machine service We repair Jura domestic and commercial coffee machines at our service department in Selby


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Below is a list of Jura error codes which should help you identify the type of problem with your machine.

Jura error codes

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• Failure 1

Defect in the steam heating unit
Causes / troubleshooting:
Thermal sensor defective – replace thermal sensor 
Cable to the thermal sensor is broken or contact pins are corroded – replace/repair cable 
Heating or thermal cut-out are defective – measure and replace parts if required
Triac on the power board is defective. The heater heats up until triggering the overtemperature protection - replace the overtemperature protection (thermal cut-out) and the power board or a single triac.
• Failure 2

The machine is too cold
Causes / troubleshooting:
Thermal sensor defective – replace thermal sensor
Room temperature is too low (<15°C) – store the device for several hours at room temperature (20°C). (This proceeding is only necessary if the device was really located in a too cold surrounding)
• Failure 3

Sensor problem / fault in the heating circuit
Causes / troubleshooting:
Thermal sensor defective. (Determine resistance value; at 20°C approx. 12kOhm) – if this value differs clearly, the thermal sensor needs to be replaced. 
Cable to the thermal sensor is broken or contact pins are corroded – replace/repair cable.
Control board defective – replace electronics / replace EPROM.
Heating or thermal cut-out defective – measure and replace parts if necessary.

• Failure 4

Temperature measuring fault of steam circuit
Causes / troubleshooting:
Thermal sensor defective. (Determine resistance value. at 20°C approx. 12kOhm) – replace thermal sensor
Cable to the thermal sensor is broken or contact pins are corroded – replace/repair cable.
Control board defective – replace electronics / replace EEPROM.

• Failure 5

Required temperature not reached
Causes / troubleshooting:
Thermoblock has blown. (resistance value cannot be defined/is infinite) – replace thermoblock.
Thermal cut-out (overtemperture protection) is blown – replace thermal cut-out. (It is recommendable to replace the temperature sensor as well to avoid another fault)
Power electronic is defective (resistance value between the connections cannot be determined, there is no voltage on the connector pins) - replace triacs of the power board or entire power board.
Attention! Determine resistance value of the thermoblock to avoid subsequent errors. 
• Failure 6

Electronic scaling monitor reports an error
Causes / troubleshooting:
On the rear, some machines have a reactive cable. A contact pin which contains a resistor coated by a protective tube.
This sensor is used for measuring the scaling degree, which, however, has never been completed.
Failure 6 actually means: The sensor is above the measuring tolerance –clean the contact pins, dry them and apply contact spray if necessary.
• Failure 8 (Most common error message among all Jura machines)

Problems with positioning the brewing unit.
Causes / troubleshooting:
Brewing unit difficult to move due to worn, swollen or broken sealing rings
- replace sealing rings or the entire brewing unit. 
Encoder defective. (count error at  the head of the brewing unit or at the drive pinion of the gear motor) A wrong position of the brewing unit is transmitted to the electronics. - check encoder cable or replace encoder if necessary
Brewing unit motor does not move (machine is clicking instead), transformer is defective.  - replace transformer.
Motor or motor mounting defective.  (Chattering or very low buzzing) – replace brew group motor.
Extremely loud chattering of the brew group during routine operations (up and down movement of the brew group after switch-on):  After replacing the sealing rings or the entire brew group, some screws have been omitted. The drive unit jumps over the drive pinion and chatters.

• Message: Tap is closed.
Close steam/water switch.

Causes / troubleshooting:
Defect of the steam board – replace steam board or reed contact on the steam board.
Cable to the control board is corroded or there is a cold junction of a soldering connection. - resolder the soldering points on the steam board, check contacts on the control board. (contact spray does not help in this case)
Coffee grounds are too wet/sludgy – coffee powder and water in the coffee grounds container, no coffee at the spout.
See failure 8
• Message: Service (only for older machines) No clear failure classification 

Temperature sensor of the coffee unit is defective.
Temperature sensor of the steam unit is defective (only if the tap is opened).
Control board defective
Encoder defective
Flowmeter defective
Drainage valve defective
Power board defective
• Message: Fill system 

Error in the fluid system (water circuit)
Causes / troubleshooting:
Leaks in the fluid system. - localize the leaks and seal them.
Blockage in the fluid system, no water can be fed.  - localize blockage and replace blocked components (valves/heater/tubes) if necessary.
Flow meter – count error - open the flow meter by a quarter turn and clean it, replace it if necessary.
• Message: Fill beans / coffee outlet stops prematurely. 

Causes / troubleshooting:

Grinder worn down - replace grinding stones or clean them with Grindz grinder cleaner if necessary.
Dirt in the grinder  - dismantle the grinder and clean it. (with Grindz also possible without dismantling)
Wrong type of coffee (glazed coffee beans) – use coarser preground coffee, put the grinder on coarser setting. 

Coffee machine drop off repair centre is now located at Fura G Espresso Services Unit 3 The Vivars Industrial Centre, Vivars Way, Canal Road, Selby, YO8 8BE 
Mob 07761346891 Email service@fura-g.com.




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Fixed priced labour costs on Jura coffee machine repairs, plus the cost of parts

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We use Fedex courier to collect faulty machines or you can bring your machine into our service depot

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Servicing & Repairs of Jura Commercial & Domestic Coffee Systems.
The Jura Impressa X7 & X9 range and the entire Jura range- also covering the CS100 and Franke Systems which are internally much the same.

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